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2017 Demos and Workshops

The Razor Strop with Sir Ross

Back by popular demand...  The razor strop lands on a butt like no other implement!  We will talk about the history and versatility of this once common domestic implement. The razor strop can be mild to welt-raising, all depending on how it is used.  We will cover the basic techniques of strapping, along with some do's and don’ts of using this implement.

Paddle Workshop with Joe S.

A well-made paddle is a thing of beauty and utility. If properly cared for, it can bring you and your partner(s) great joy for years to come. Each paddle has its own personality and can deliver unique sensations to the person on the receiving end of it. Obvious factors that underlie a paddle's unique personality include: size, shape, weight, blade thickness, balance and whether or not the blade is entire or has holes in it. However, the type of wood it is made from is also especially important in determining how a paddle will feel when it strikes. Each type of hardwood has a specific density; woods that are not particularly dense often deliver sensations that are intensely "stingy" in nature while denser woods result in "thuddy" sensations that can go much deeper into butt tissue. With a reasonably well-equipped woodshop, you can craft implements that are quite intricate. However, you can also make really nice paddles with relatively simple tools that don't cost too much. You are really only limited by the breadth of your imagination and creativity. This workshop will discuss all of these factors. Remember, paddle-making is not just for spankers only. Imagine how pleased sir will be when you present a paddle you especially made for him to apply to your up-turned waiting rear end :-)

Single Tails with Mike Harris

Discover and explore the fun and mystery of single tail play. This workshop includes a brief multimedia presentation and a hands-on interactive demonstration. Ever want to pop a big ol’ bullwhip?

Roleplaying with Redbear Randy

Does the role-playing part of spanking leave you cold?  Do you get tongue-tied or are you unsure how to go about it?  Maybe you've been there but you're just interested in hearing tricks of the trade.  Redbear Randy has twenty years of teaching improvisation under his belt, as well as plenty of adventures in role-playing a wide variety of spanking scenarios.  Whether you're a Daddy, a bad boy, an Uncle, a mean boss or Santa Claus--come listen, pick up some tips, share your stories and ask questions to spice up your inner fantasy.

Flogging – An Effective Introduction with Master Simon

This workshop will provide an effective introduction into the practice of flogging.

Along with hands-on skills, we will cover the following. How you safely/effectively use a flogger and how different kinds of floggers create different feeling? Achieving what you want through play and how do you pour your intention into your flogging? How you can increase stimulation, that at first might be perceived momentarily as pain, and transform it into pleasure? How a good flow of communication while playing and how you read your partner’s body signals, will take you to the next level?

Additional points we will cover include:
• What to avoid. Cause no harm.
• The role of endorphins, understanding their purpose.
• How and when to increase stimulation.
• Body language, breathing and marking skin tone.


Worlds Collide...literally - with Master Simon

Ever desired your lover writhing beneath you breathing in quick gasps as their flesh is warming and begging for release? If not, then you’ve probably not enjoyed a little "innocent" hot wax play.


During this demo we are going to warm up more than the wax. When you play with sensations you can take your lover to the next level. See how a freshly flogged/paddled ass takes to having hot wax poured into every curve, once the wax has served its purpose there is no gentle removal. We started the journey with a swing we'll remove the wax with a sting. Floggers abound in the removal of this colorful and vibrant addition to flogging/paddle play.


Lights out! with Master Simon

O thou undaunted son of desires! By all thy dower of lights and fires

When all else fails humanity depends on power, often in the form of electricity. We've embraced it in so many places in our lives and the bedroom is no different. We are going to look at a few different ways, some you are familiar with and perhaps some you have yet to explore, in which you can electrify the dark be it in your bedroom, play party or dungeon. Great place for starters and ending with a spark and a spank, we'll have an electrifying ending demo.

Hand Spanking with Mekado

Sometimes the only spanking tools you really need are the ones nature gave you. We'll chat about ways to use your hands creatively, powerfully and surprisingly when giving a spanking.

Spanking Safety with Mr. Brian

This workshop will cover spanking safety and to discuss different spanking implements and how to properly use of them. We will also cover negotiating, communications, sex as a part of a scene and after care.